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“Here is a CD for the thoughtful listener who likes his or her contemporary tunes well-seasoned with a touch of blues and a hint of rockabilly. It’s honest, unpretentious and totally impressive. Both the music and the vocals reveal a combination of insight and gutsy delivery. Dusty’s smoking-hot alto voice is resonant and flexible, with the added bonus of such clear diction that every word is understandable (after all, anything worth hearing is worth hearing accurately). She can shift from sultry to sublime, sarcastic to sweet – and it sounds natural. It would be easy to think of her with Joe at a kitchen party, shaking the ceiling. Their songs have an unstudied quality, as if they’re fresh from the heart every single time.”

-Brenda J. Tate, winner of the Smithbooks/Coles Review Award , Canada.

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Better World - Album - Dusty and the LoveNotes

Music Video: “Lead a Horse”